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The graphic novel The Man Who Was Never Alone is in the making. The novel is a psychological thriller about a man’s journey into his deep-rooted fears which have alienated him from the world.

One night after having an existential crisis he goes for a nightly walk. Desperate as he is, he walks into the forest, as fara way from the city as possible. Lost in his thoughts he wanders aimlessly deep into the forest.  Just as he comes to his senses he realises he is lost. While trying to find his way back he encounters a strange house.

With nothing to lose anymore, he overrules his fear and goes into the house. As the entrance slams shut behind him, he finds himself trapped in the house.

The house is a labyrinth with endless corridors and spaces built to trigger his anxiety. The house forces him into a dialogue with his fears, his nightmares, and his repressed memories. Inside the house he hears noises and he is convinced someone else is present there. He feels this other is watching him, tormenting him, waiting to strike when he least expects it. To outwit this other, he goes deeper and deeper into the house. He cannot handle the anguish of not being in control. His rationality starts breaking down and he slowly descends into madness.

Will he ever transcend his own thinking and find a way out of the house? Will he overcome his isolation, or will his fears keep him wandering the labyrinth, alone, with the other?



About the Writer

Petrit Kabashi is trained as an Architect and worked as an Architect in the beginning of his career but made a career shift in 2012. He started working in the field of marketing and later started a marketing software company. Although being an entrepreneur was very fulfilling and a great learning experience for him, he kept his passion for Architecture. His architectural works are mostly theoretical and experimental. They are rooted in the psychology of the spatial experience. He is currently working on writing and publishing a graphic novel about his most personal work: The Man Who Was Never Alone. To view other works please visit: